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2010: Figurative Painting

Seeking answers to the ever-circling question: is painting dead, the secondWomen to Watch exhibition displayed innovative figurative work by contemporary female artists.  The show displayed the body in a multitude of variations – from the quickly identifiable, to more abstract depictions. The body provides space for ruminations on the nature of relationships, self-image and even societal trends.

UK Friends produced a week-long exhibition and panel discussion at Christie’s, London. Rose Wylie’s work, Lords and Ladies,was selected for exhibition in Washington.  Wylie recasts the tradition of Western figurative painting, assigning no particular meaning to her images.  She believes in spontaneity in creation, drawing her inspiration from varied sources, including art history and cartoons. Lords and Ladies is now in the Museum’s permanent collection, a gift from the UK Friends of NMWA (read more in What We Support).

Short Listed Artists

Anna Bjerger
Kaye Donachie
Chantal Joffe
Veronica Smirnoff
Rose Wylie

Selected Artist:

Rose Wylie, OBE


Sheena Wagstaff,
Tate Museum