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2015: Organic Matters

Organic Matters was the fourth installment of Women to Watch, with a broad remit to focus on artists who work with nature as their subject. The connection between women and nature has a long, fraught history, coloured by gendered stereotypes and discriminatory assumptions. The artists featured in both the UK and the Museum shows confronted and expanded upon these concepts, producing works that ranged from the fanciful to the frightening, the realistic to the abstract. The resulting show looked at modern society’s relationship to the environment, using a diverse array of media. UK Friends of NMWA produced a week-long exhibition and panel discussion at Christie’s, London. Polly Morgan, who works with animal taxidermy, was selected to represent the UK in NMWA’s exhibition. The museum now holds a work by Morgan in its permanent collection.

Short Listed Artists

Jodie Carey

Dorothy Cross

Susan Derges

Polly Morgan

Rachel Pimm


Lisa Le Feuvre, Henry Moore Institute