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Holly Hendry @The Artist’s Garden

Artist's Garden on the roof of Temple tube station, London, United Kingdom

Holly Hendry's Slackwater emerges as an immense sculptural entanglement that weaves together the watery history of its riverside location above Temple Tube, with references to the abstract rhythms of the […]

Women War Artists @ Imperial War Museum

Imperial War Museum

The drawings and paintings on show are the work of six women who worked as war artists during the First World War. They provide an interesting perspective on women’s roles […]

Pamila Matharu @ New Art Gallery, Walsall

New Art Gallery, Walsall

Sharing a common thread of combining autobiography and activism, and working across a wide range of media including painting, photography, film, animation, wall drawing and site-specific installation, these practices activate […]

Kim Lim @ Space, Rhythm & Light @ Hepworth Wakefield

Hepworth, Wakefield

An exhibition of Kim Lim’s work offering unparalleled insight into the artist’s life and work.  Space, Rhythm & Light, displays over 100 artworks created over four decades by Lim, alongside […]

Alice Irwin @ Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery

Pitzhanger Manor , United Kingdom

The exhibition, Chinwag, presents an array of Alice Irwin’s new works, including colourful, multi-layered screenprints and etchings, complemented by sketches and preparatory studies that offer insights into her meticulous creative process. […]

Sinta Tantra @ Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery

Pitzhanger Manor , United Kingdom

The exhibition, The Lightclub of Batavia, showcases a combination of new and existing works by Sinta Tantra.  It features iridescent gold and Prussian blue paintings that adorn the Manor’s walls and […]

Nan Goldin & others @ South London Gallery

South London Gallery Fire Station

This group exhibition brings together works by international artists and collectives, who use the camera to challenge and move beyond traditional protest photography. The exhibition, Photography, Feminisms and the Art of Protest, explores feminism […]

Magdalena Abakanowicz & others @ Barbican Art Gallery

Barbican Gallery

A collection of contemporary artists who explore the transformative and subversive potential of textiles to challenge power structures and reimagine the world. The exhibition brings together over 100 artworks by a diverse range of international practitioners, to examine the ways in which artists have embraced textiles to communicate multi-layered stories about lived experience.  It addresses […]

Phoebe Boswell & Others @ Dulwich Picture Gallery

Dulwich Picture Gallery Gallery Road, Dulwich

Soulscapes explores our connection with the world around us through the eyes of artists from the African Diaspora.  It considers the power of landscape art and reflects on themes of […]

Yko Ono @ Tate Modern

Tate Modern Bankside, London, United Kingdom

Spanning more than seven decades, the exhibition, Music of the Mind, focusses on key moments in Ono’s career, including her years in London from 1966 to 1971. The show explores some […]

Monica Alcázar-Duarte@ Autograph

Autograph Gallery , United Kingdom

Monica Alcázar-Duarte examines western society's obsession with speed, expansion and resource accumulation at a time when ecological disaster looms. She raises critical questions - where does knowledge lie? Who and […]

Angelica Kaufman RA @ The Royal Academy

Royal Academy of Arts

Angelica Kauffman RA was one of the most celebrated artists of the 18th century. In this major exhibition, her trajectory is traced from child prodigy to one of Europe's most […]

Nan Golden & others @ South London Gallery, Fire Station

South London Gallery Fire Station

This group exhibition, Acts of Resistance Photography, Feminisms and the Art of Protest, brings together works by international artists and collectives who are using the camera to challenge and move beyond traditional protest photography. […]

Eileen Cooper & Bobby Baker @ Arnolfini, Bristol

Arnolfini, Bristol

A major group exhibition Acts of Creation: On Art and Motherhood plunges into the joys and heartaches, mess, myths and mishaps of motherhood through over 100 artworks, from the feminist avant-garde to the present day. The exhibition addresses diverse experiences of motherhood across three themes: Creation, which looks at conception, pregnancy, birth and nursing; Maintenance which […]

Meera Shakti Osborne & others @ Women’s Museum

Women's Museum , United Kingdom

An Idea of a Life, responds to everyday histories of the women-led community who lived in Barking Abbey from c.666AD through to the early 16th Century. This exhibition tells stories […]

Francesca Woodman @ National Portrait Gallery

National Portrait Gallery St. Martin's Pl, London, United Kingdom

Showcasing more than 150 rare vintage prints, Francesca Woodman and Julia Margaret Cameron: Portraits to Dream In, spans the career of both artists – and suggests new ways to look at their work, […]

Amelia Bowles @ Ione & Mann Gallery

Ione & Mann Gallery , United Kingdom

Wayfinding, is an exhibition by Amelia Bowles, which sits between sculpture, painting and architecture.  Making use of the activity of light, colour and form, she claims the void and what is immaterial to facilitate the conditions for a series of physiological, cognitive and perceptual encounters.

Barbara Hulanicki @ Fashion & Textile Museum

Fashion & Textile Museum

In 1963, fashion illustrator Barbara Hulanicki established a mail-order company selling affordable fashion appealing to a new generation of young women, which she named Biba. The Biba Story explores how […]

Dorothy Hepworth & Patricia Preece @ Charleston Gallery

Charleston Gallery

Discover the extraordinary story of Dorothy Hepworth and Patricia Preece – a duo whose secret artistic collaboration and lifelong romantic partnership remained hidden for decades. In this exhibition, The untold story, […]

Hazel Brill @ Workplace Gallery

Workplace Gallery

Amber, a new exhibition by Hazel Brill, features a series of sculptures and video. Brill's installation references a gothic laboratory that conjures a shiny utopian future, which has turned messy and grotesque. Inspired by intricate set designs and depictions of laboratories from horror films, the artist is interested in gothic horror fiction as a device […]