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Yuan Fang @ Skarstedt Gallery

Skarstedt Gallery

Dangerous Waters, is the title of Yuan Fang’s exhibition and the artist’s debut in London. The exhibition features a series of new paintings marked by their monumental scale, cascading cyclical […]

Guilia Andreani @ Galerie Max Hetzler

Galerie Max Hetzler

L’improduttiva, is a new body of thirteen paintings and works on paper by Giulia Andreani.  These works encapsulate Andreani’s compelling yet haunting painterly practice.  Across her oeuvre, Andreani repurposes personal […]

Hettie Inniss @ Grimm Gallery

GRIMM Gallery , United Kingdom

Hettie Inniss’s work responds to multi-sensory influences and bodily experiences, capturing and preserving a moment in time inflected by scent, light, sound and memory. Across the works on view in […]

Miya Jazmin Browne @ Alma Pearl Gallery

Alma Pearl Gallery

The works Miya Jazmin Browne (aka BLCKGEEZER) has produced begin by invoking powerful themes surrounding maternal instincts to feed and nurture, fertility as well as explorations of mother-child iconography. These […]

Jacqueline de Jong @ Pippy Houldsworth Gallery

The Box, Pippy Houldsworth Gallery 6 Heddon St, London, United Kingdom

La petite mort, Jacqueline de Jong’s exhibition, brings together new paintings made over the last two years with a group of rarely seen works executed sixty years ago. In her […]

Yi To @ Alice Amati

Alice Amati Gallery , United Kingdom

To be Dispersed, not to Disappear, begins the philosophical conundrum in which Yi To prefigures the materiality of fragmented body, and its reappearance in the virtual as sign.  Her paintings, with […]

Elli Antoniou @ Cob Gallery

Cob Gallery

The installation, Passages Through the Caustics, converses with the natural movement of the light that occupies the space. Activating the energies of the work’s surface, our encounters of its luminosity are […]

Renee So @ Kate MacGarry

Kate Macgarry

The exhibition includes a new body of ceramic works from So’s 'Woman' stoneware series that draw upon early fertility idols and Venus figures celebrating the female form, alongside new Snuff […]

Magda Stawarska @ Yamamoto Keiko Rochaix Gallery

Yamamoto Keiko Rochaix

Magda Stawarska presents one of her most ambitious presentations to date, showcasing ten new works across various media. Split across the gallery’s upper and lower floors, taking the form of […]

Heather Horton @ Pontone Gallery

Pontone Gallery

Heather Horton takes us into a submerged water-world of refracted light through which a young woman swims, floats and glides. Our viewpoint is also underwater; we too inhabit this amniotic […]

Madeleine Gross @ Pontone Gallery

Pontone Gallery

Madeleine Gross makes her singular and distinctive pictures by painting onto her own original photographs. Idyllic images of sunset Ontario lakes and gleaming Miami beaches are overlaid with expressively painted […]

Ingrid Donat @ Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Carpenters Workshop Gallery , United Kingdom

Ooni, a touring exhibition unveils Ingrid Donat’s newest masterpiece, Commode Ooni.  The exhibition explores Ingrid Donat’s expansive career to date and is a celebration of her practice as one of the most […]

Sofia Mitsola @ Pillar Corrias

Pilar Corrias

Villa Venus: The Garden, is an exhibition of new paintings, sculpture and animation by Sofia Mitsola – the latest chapter in the artist’s ongoing series depicting a utopian, Cycladic Island ruled by her female characters.

Jill Baroff & others @ Bartha Contemporary

Bartha Contemporary

The exhibition ‘Red’ showcases various pieces by Jill Baroff, Stefana McClure, Giulia Ricci, Winston Roeth and Ignacio Uriarte.   ‘Red’ constitutes a monochrome survey of works featuring the colour red. Associated […]

Ivy Kalungi @ Pipeline Gallery

Pipeline Gallery , United Kingdom

Rooted in the intricacies of grief, Between Two Places speaks of both personal and collective trauma. Spurred by the recent loss of a close family member, Ivy Kalungi explores what remains for […]

Florine Imo @ Ibf Contemporary

Ibf Contemporary , United Kingdom

The genesis of ‘As Light as a Feather’ began in the Holy Trinity Church in Angel, London, where I created a new series of paintings and a sculptural installation. The […]

Licia He @ Gazelli Art House

Gazelli Art House

This exhibition by generative artist and researcher Licia He is titled, I Have to Talk to a Plotter.   It showcases He’s innovative blend of technology and art, delving into her […]

Bea Bonafini & others @ Lychee One

Lychee One

This survey exhibition - 10 Years Anniversary, is co-curated by gallery director James Hu and independent curator Marcelle Joseph, who curated five exhibitions at Lychee One over the last five years, […]

Emma McClure @ Thackeray Gallery

Thackeray Gallery

Emma McClure’s paintings include animals, still life and landscapes sketched from surrounding scenes in Cornwall. Many of her drawings represent the landscape around the Penwith Peninsular where the moorland, farms […]