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Kate Bickmore & others @ Annka Kultys Gallery

6 May 2022 - 25 June 2022

Web 3.0 Aesthetics: In the Future Post-Hype of the NFTs is a trilogy by Kate Bickmore and other artists that explores NFT aesthetics through the lens of social, intellectual, and technological upheaval that took place in the turn on the 21st century.  It is the first immersive virtual exhibition of the NFT in the metaverse that explores canonical themes within art history — the body, nature, and abstraction– and how artists translate them to the NFT space.

27 NFTs in three themes of 9 are featured: ‘Metamorphosis of the Body’ – explores how artists represent the body and expand its definition through the use of technology in the NFT space.

‘Digital Florascapes’ surveys artists who use new technologies, computers, and NFTs to represent, depict and re-invent nature today.

‘Digital Abstraction’ traces how artists generate abstraction with new tools. Abstract art largely seems unrelated to the world of appearances, however with the right software, an image on a screen can be morphed from figurative to abstract with the press of a key.