Women to Watch: The Exhibition

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Women to Watch is a collaboration between the museum and the national and international outreach committees. Held every two to three years, Women to Watch features emerging and underrepresented artists from the states and countries in which the museum has committees. Each exhibition focuses on a specific theme or medium chosen by the museum’s curators. The committees consult with contemporary art curators in their respective regions to create shortlists of artists. NMWA’s curatorial team then selects artists for inclusion in the exhibition.


Past Women to Watch Exhibitions

NMWA currently has 21 outreach committees with more than 2,000 dedicated members throughout the United States and around the world and continues to expand its network. The museum’s committees play a critical role in bringing NMWA’s mission to regional audiences. The committees work with local museum directors and curators, education experts and business leaders to capitalize on their region’s artistic, financial, and educational strengths and resources in order to develop meaningful programming and build a bridge between their communities and the museum.