A Dose of Art: women on art and healing: recording available

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Zoom recording of this event available now.


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If you missed our panel discussion to explore the powerful role that art can play in improving our mental health and wellbeing, watch it now on Zoom:

https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/AGGuu8hGEfjOA32t3wZRKSWddITMNHw6dU3KW-3jPgSja-_z5UnMqSUqokeDbA2b.CIaPLy9OL93ncDxI Passcode: X8o*A2v$

This timely event brought together five leading experts from the worlds of art, media, medicine and mental health to present the compelling science on how women can harness creativity to boost psychological healing. We gained a historical perspective on the role of women artists in healing. Two panelists will also shared the positive impact that art has had on their personal journey to recovery from mental health struggles. Attendees discovered practical ways art can enhance their own mental and emotional wellbeing.


Jenni Regan – Director, London Arts in Health


Mary Black – Trustee, Painting in Hospitals
Linda Falcone – Director, Advancing Women Artists
Katharine Lazenby – Artist and Hospital Rooms Volunteer, https://hospital-rooms.com/beingavolunteer
Niamh White – Co-Founder, Hospital Rooms

This event is free, but donations to support art by women in the UK greatly appreciated.

Image: Nayanaa Kanodia, The Zebra, 2001 (detail).  Paintings in Hospitals Collection

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6:30-7:30 pm, 2 December