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Holly Hendry @The Artist’s Garden

Artist's Garden on the roof of Temple tube station, London

Holly Hendry's Slackwater emerges as an immense sculptural entanglement that weaves together the watery history of its riverside location above Temple Tube, with references to the abstract rhythms of the Thames and liquid movements within the human body. In conceiving the work, Hendry was drawn to changes in the pattern of the river’s surface; after […]

Gabrielle Chanel @ The V & A

Victoria & Albert Museum

This exhibition, Fashion Manifesto,  is dedicated to the work of French couturière, Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel.  It charts the establishment of the House of CHANEL, and the evolution of her iconic design […]

Colour Revolution @ Ashmolean Museum

Ashmolean Museum Oxford

The exhibition Victorian Art, Fashion & Design, includes fashion pieces – from Queen Victoria’s monotone mourning dress to the most daringly vivid clothing and accessories – and works by artists including Millais, Ruskin, […]

Louise Bourgeois & others @ The Foundling Museum

The Foundling Museum

The Mother & The Weaver takes the unseen mother, a central part of the Foundling Museum’s story, as a point of departure to explore complex ideas around motherhood, childhood, love, […]

Nengi Omuka @ Hastings Contemporary

Hastings Contemporary

The Dance of People and the Natural World, is an introduction to Omuku’s work that is seeking to broaden the exposure, and awareness of the vibrant contemporary Nigerian art scene.​ […]

Maryam Wahid @ Ikon Gallery

Ikon Gallery, Birmingham

Ikon tours Dreams of Brum, an exhibition of photographic portraits by Maryam Wahid at Handsworth Library. The portraits were taken during a series of creative community workshops with printmaker Haseebah Ali.

Lee Miller @ Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Brighton Museum

This exhibition examines Lee Miller’s life and work through her clothing beginning in Paris in the late 1920s and ending in Sussex in the mid-1950s. It includes outfits that represent […]

Christiane Baumgartner @ Strawberry Hill House

Strawberry Hill House

The Devil is in the Detail offers a rare opportunity to see the complete set of Albrecht Dürer’s Great Passion, one of the most important series of woodcuts in his career. […]

Wilhelmina Barns-Graham & others @ The Women’s Art Collection

The Women's Art Collection, Murray Edwards College

The exhibition Women & Water explores the relationship between women and water in the works of 17 women artists, spanning from the early twentieth century to the present day. The exhibition […]

Rosemarie Castoro @ Mostyn, Llandudno

Mostyn, Wales

Rosemarie Castoro (1939-2015) lived and worked in New York all her life, becoming a central figure in the city’s Minimalist and Conceptual Art scene while defying that categorization, declaring “I […]

Gwen John @ Holburne Museum

The Holburne Museum, Bath

Gwen John: Art and Life in London and Paris, brings together paintings, watercolours, drawings and sketches, as well as previously unseen archival material and personal belongings. Chronologically tracing Gwen John’s […]

Women in Revolt @ Tate Britain

Tate Britain

This exhibition is a major survey of work by over 100 women artists working in the UK from 1970 to 1990. Through their creative practices, women’s liberation was forged against […]

Women War Artists @ Imperial War Museum

Imperial War Museum

The drawings and paintings on show are the work of six women who worked as war artists during the First World War. They provide an interesting perspective on women’s roles during the war, and on the relationships between men and women in a variety of wartime situations.

Rebecca Salter @ Gainsborough’s House

Gainsborough's House

This exhibition of Rebecca’s recent work demonstrates how her artistic practice is rooted in traditional Japanese art; how it combines Eastern and Western traditions; and how print processes are central […]

Monica Sjōō @ Modern Art Oxford

Modern Art Oxford

Artist, activist, writer and eco-feminist Monica Sjöö (1938-2005) was unwavering in her advocacy for gender justice, eco-feminism, matriarchy and social equities. This retrospective exhibition charts her life work and considers […]

Ghislaine Leung & others @ Towner Gallery

Towner Gallery, Eastbourne

Towner Eastbourne is hosting the Turner Prize 2023, the world’s leading prize for contemporary art, as the centrepiece of their centenary celebrations.

Tania Kovats @ Parafin Gallery

Parafin Gallery

Tania Kovats makes drawings, sculpture, installations and large-scale time-based projects that explore our experience and understanding of the natural world.  Best known for her sculptures and drawings, her work encompasses […]

Malorie Blackman @ The British Library

The British Library

From epic visions to intricately envisaged details, this exhibition celebrates some of the finest fantasy creators.  It reveals how their imagined lands, languages and creatures came into being, and delves […]

Kim Lim @ Space, Rhythm & Light @ Hepworth Wakefield

Hepworth, Wakefield

An exhibition of Kim Lim’s work offering unparalleled insight into the artist’s life and work.  Space, Rhythm & Light, displays over 100 artworks created over four decades by Lim, alongside extensive archive material, most of which has never been seen publicly before, to show the full breadth of Lim’s work.

Jenny Saville @ Gagosian Gallery

Gagosian Gallery

Ekkyklema, is an exhibition of new paintings and works on paper by Jenny Saville.  The project’s title refers to a wheeled platform that was used to move interior scenes into […]

Alia Farid @ Chisenhale Gallery

Chisenhale Gallery

Alia Farid works in film and sculpture, giving visibility to less commonly recognised histories, which are often diminished by Western hegemony.  Farid’s exhibition brings seemingly disparate sites in relation to […]

Byzantia Harlow @ Yamamoto Keiko Rochaix

Yamamoto Keiko Rochaix

'Aetheric', an exhibition by Byzantia Harlow evolves from her long-standing exploration of spirituality and healing processes. In parallel to her artistic career, Harlow practices as a psychic medium. Harlow’s spiritual […]

Liorah Techiprout @ Marlborough Gallery

Marlborough Gallery

Liorah Tchiprout’s exhibition, Two Eyes Wide Open at the Edge of Dawn, explores new beginnings. The exhibition consists of paintings, monotypes and etchings, all portraits of subjects who gaze confidently […]

Pauline Boty @ Gazelli Art House

Gazelli Art House

This show celebrates the life and legacy of trailblazing British painter Pauline Boty, 1938-1966, in her first posthumous solo exhibition in a decade. Pauline Boty: A Portrait, presents a remarkable […]

Lucy Harwood @ Firstsite Gallery

Firstsite Gallery

Featuring over 100 bold and beautiful paintings – including landscapes, still life and portraiture Lucy Harwood’s artworks command the space with their vibrancy and confidence. Bold Impressions, marks the first […]

Elisabeth Frink @ Dorset Museum & Art Gallery

Dorset Museum & Art Gallery

Elisabeth Frink: A View from Within, focusses on the significant body of work produced by Frink (1930-1993) at her Woolland studio in Dorset, between 1976 and 1993. It explores her […]

Rana Begum @ St Alban’s Museum

St Alban's Museum

Ordered Form, is an exhibition that focusses on Begum’s geometric works created over the past three years.   It presents sculptures, paintings and screen prints, featuring newly created relief works and […]

Diana Copperwhite @ Flowers Gallery

Flowers Gallery 82 Kingsland Road, London

Diana Copperwhite's selection of new paintings marks an extension of the artist's use of abstraction to explore notions of memory, and perception against the visual chaos of twenty-first century life. […]

Kemi Onabulé @ Sim Smith Gallery

Sim Smith Gallery

All the Land is Spoken For, a show by Kemi Onabulé, explores our relationship to our environment, as consumers of a seemingly unending resource.  Across the paintings in the exhibition, […]

Matilda Sutton @ Pipeline Gallery

Pipeline Gallery

Working between painting, drawing, textile and sculpture, Matilda Sutton weaves together narrative through image and object. Her  exhibition Bristling brings together a new body of work, which expands on a […]

Pasquarosa Marcelli @ Estorick Collection

Estorick Collection

Pasquarosa Marcelli (1896 - 1973), known simply as 'Pasquarosa',  exhibited in the 1920s. A century later her work, From Muse to Painter', returns to the capital in a new show featuring […]

Nina Chanel Abney & others @ Pilar Corrias

Pilar Corrias

Conversation Galante brings together a diverse group of painters whose works celebrate conversation, playfulness and intimacy. Collectively, their paintings conjure an imaginary forum distinct from the politics of the city or […]

Nancy Shaver & another @Mamoth Gallery


"Duet", is a two-person show featuring the works of Nancy Shaver and Sherman Sam, which brings together the artists' paintings and sculpture.  "Duet" considers the potentialities of material beyond the […]

Li Shurui @ Carl Kostyál

Carl Kostyal

The exhibition ‘Artificial Emotions’ by Li Shurui, refers to the simulation or replication of human-like emotions in artificial systems such as AI, robots, or virtual agents and the goal behind creating […]

Lubaina Himid @ Holburne Museum

The Holburne Museum, Bath

Reflecting the movement of the oceans and rivers that have been used to transport cotton, yarn and enslaved people throughout history, Lost Threads traces the paradoxes of textile production and circulation by […]

Olivia Bax @ Holtermann Fine Art

Holtermann Fine Art

Olivia Bax unveils exciting developments to her practice in the form of mobile, dynamic works. A new body of table sculptures is presented on custom-built furniture, alongside three wall works […]

Heidrun Rathgeb @ John Martin Gallery

John Martin Gallery

North of the Sun, is an exhibition based on Heidrun Rathgeb's time spent at artist residencies in Hardanger Fjord, Norway. Finding inspiration in what she describes as "the poetry of […]

Shuvinai Ashoona @ Perimeter Gallery

The Perimeter

In her exhibition When I Draw, Shuvinai Ashoona makes drawings which engage with the complexities of life, land and community in the Canadian Arctic, through fantastical motifs and modes of […]

Alice Irwin @ Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery

Pitzhanger Manor

The exhibition, Chinwag, presents an array of Alice Irwin’s new works, including colourful, multi-layered screenprints and etchings, complemented by sketches and preparatory studies that offer insights into her meticulous creative process. […]

Sinta Tantra @ Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery

Pitzhanger Manor

The exhibition, The Lightclub of Batavia, showcases a combination of new and existing works by Sinta Tantra.  It features iridescent gold and Prussian blue paintings that adorn the Manor’s walls and […]

Sutapa Biswas & others @ Drawing Room Gallery

Drawing Room

The Time of Our Lives focuses on the pioneering drawing practices of women artists, and their impact on feminist activism from the 1980s until today. The exhibition showcases the work […]

Shuvinai Ashoona @ Perimeter Gallery

The Perimeter

Shuvinai Ashoona makes drawings which engage with the complexities of life, land and community in the Canadian Arctic, through fantastical motifs and modes of storytelling. In her exhibition When I […]

Tai Shani & others @ Alma Pearl Gallery

Alma Pearl Gallery

Bitch Magic, is an exhibition that brings together a cross-generational group of women and non-binary artists who align with 'the feminine', and whose work offers radical feminist perspectives through themes […]

Judith Godwin @ Pippy Houldsworth Gallery

The Box, Pippy Houldsworth Gallery 6 Heddon St, London

Judith Godwin’s work, Expressions of Life, comprises a focused survey of works dating from the 1950s to the end of the century. Associated at the start of her career with […]

Gillian Lowndes @ Holburne Museum

The Holburne Museum, Bath

Gillian Lowndes (1936-2010) was one of the most daring and original artists of the post-war period. Trained as a potter, her work hovers between craft and fine art, pottery and […]

Ania Tomaszewska-Nelson @ Felix & Spear

Felix & Spear

Ania Tomaszewska-Nelson is a versatile artist. Currently, her practice involves making video art as well as painting.

Colette La Vette @ Gillian Jason Gallery

Gillian Jason Gallery

'Fruitful Lands' narrates the story of a mystical realm, where utopia and dystopia are intertwined in the lyrical portrayal of human nature Colette La Vette's practice borrows attributes from Rococo […]

Uman @ Hauser & Wirth London

Hauser & Wirth 23 Savile Row, London

Uman's ebullient visual vocabulary reflects her expansive cross-cultural experiences. With nods to self­ portraiture and fictional topographies.  Her paintings fluidly navigate in-between realms to explore both the physical and spiritual, […]

Barbara Kruger @ Serpentine Gallery

Serpentine Gallery

The exhibition, Thinking of You, I Mean Me, I Mean You, by Barbara Kruger features a unique selection of site-specific installations covering the walls and floor of the gallery spaces, moving image works and multiple soundscapes.

Anna Perach @ Gasworks

Gasworks 155 Vauxhall Street, London

Anna Perach explores the dynamics between personal and cultural myths. Her work engages with historical narratives through the depiction of enigmatic female characters that dwell precariously at the threshold between states: inside and outside of their bodies. For this exhibition Perach produced a new body of work based on the concept of the monstrous feminine, […]

Jacqueline Poncelet@ MIMA Middlesborough

Middlesborough Institute of Modern Art (MIMA)

A solo exhibition surveying 50 years of work by Jacqueline Poncelet. Her work is characterised by a restless exploration of materials and making that is evident throughout her practice. In the Making presents works from different eras side by side, offering experiences of the artist’s inquiry and rigorous exploration of process across diverse bodies of […]

Monica Sjōō @ Alison Jacques Gallery

Alison Jacques Gallery 16-18 Berners St, London

Monica Sjöö (1938 – 2005) was a co-founder of the Goddess movement and this exhibition traces her deep commitment to gender and environmental justice. The artist, self-described as a ‘radical anarcho/eco-feminist and Goddess artist, writer and thinker involved in Earth spirituality’.  As an activist, she co-founded Bristol’s Women’s Liberation.  Sjöö protested against the Vietnam war […]

Anna Barriball @ Frith Street Gallery

Frith Street Gallery 17-18 Golden Square, London

Light, memory and the history of photography are some of the abiding themes in this show which brings together several new bodies of work and a moving image piece. These collectively examine the effect of light as it passes through and around objects, casting fleeting shadows and evoking distinct atmospheres. Barriball is interested in trying […]