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Elizabeth Neel @ Pilar Corrias

31 May 2019 - 29 January 2020
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Nightjars and Allies, is the fourth solo exhibition by American artist Elizabeth Neel. The exhibition features new paintings on canvas that continue to foreground Neel’s reflections on our surrounding physical landscape well as the inner landscape of the mind. The exhibition takes its name from a new painting, Nightjars and Allies, and is the largest scale at which the artist has worked, as she continues to explore positive and negative interplay in her works by creating a constant illusion between distance and proximity. She skilfully stirs the attention of the viewer, who reacts directly to the composition while simultaneously contemplating the suggestion of narrative and subject.


Start: 31 May 2019
End: 29 January 2020
Event CategoryExhibition


Venue Name: Pilar Corrias